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EcoHumusStrong 1L

EcoHumusStrong liquid

- It is an active humic fertilizer;

- Contains salts of humic acids, humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, micro and macro elements, live bacteria and other easily absorbable substances;

- All nutrients are absorbed at the cellular level by the plants, which leads to the activation of physiological and bio-chemical processes allowing the maximum assimilation of substances that are beneficial for the plants;

- Strengthens the immune system of plants, makes them more resistant to sudden temperature changes and diseases;

- Fast germination;

- Better and stronger root system;

- Better moisture retention in plants;

- Accelerated budding;

- Faster growth and resistance to various harmful bacteria and fungi;

- Reduces the nitrate content of fruits and vegetables;

- Blocks the absorption of heavy metals by plants;

- Increases the content of fructose, proteins and vitamins;

- Stimulates flowering, fertility, enriches the taste and resistance of the products

- Can be applied to the foliar and root system by any spraying or irrigation method, increasing the numerical and dimensional growth of leaves and roots;

- Suppresses harmful fungi in the soil. In addition, the microorganisms in the extract produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals necessary for both young and mature plants.

- Corrects soils affected by long-term use of chemicals. Through repeated application, the soil will be completely repopulated with plant-beneficial microorganisms destroyed by chemicals over the years. It improves the structure of the soil, decreasing its density and increasing its aeration;

- Increases water retention in the soil, reducing the amount of water used for irrigation by 30 percent. When EcoHumusStrong Liquid is applied after harvesting, the conversion ratio of plant residues into humus is about 30 times higher than any other chemical preparation;

-  It is non-toxic, does not burn plants, has no restrictions on use, can be used in any crop, in the greenhouse or in the field and is compatible with any kind of chemical preparation.

-  Does not contain or provide living conditions forE. Coli, Salmonellaor other pests. The earthworm humus from which the extract is prepared keeps its characteristics and physico-chemical properties for years.

    Instructions for use:


- Foliar application: 1:100

- Soil treatment: 1:10

- Pre-sowing treatment: soak the seeds in a 1:30 solution and leave for 24 hours and then sow.

- Feeding the roots: 1:40


- Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants – 2 applications x 3 liters/ha (for each application), the first application in the flower bud phase, and the second when the crop is in full bloom.

- Leafy and rooted 3 applications x 4 liters/ha

- Cereals, sunflower, corn, rapeseed - 2 applications x 3 liters/ha

EcoHumusStrong 1L

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