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Vermicompost EcoHumusStrong

EcoHumusStrong Solid is a natural, vermicompost, purely ecological fertilizer of the new generation. It is a concentrated, mineral-organic fertilizer.

It is used for all types of vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, lawn.


EcoHumusStrong Solid considerably improves the structure of the soil, reducing its density, increasing its aeration and absorption of atmospheric nitrogen, helping plants to grow strong and healthy.


One ton of EcoHumusStrong Solid replaces 16 tons of Manure.


The nutrients in vermicompost are released gradually, in accordance with the needs of the plants, and are consumed easily by them.


Vermicompost is the best solid fertilizer because it contains high concentrations of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, many biologically active stimulants for plants, vitamins, amino acids and antibiotics, fulvic and humic acid, added during the digestive process of earthworms . They are 100 times more than in manure, and chemical fertilizers do not contain these enzymes at all.


Vermicompost completely replaces any chemical or organic fertilizer needed on your farm.



Way of ussage:


1 spoon at the root when replanting seedlings; 

- 1 spoon  in the pot (mix with the layer of soil in the pot).


Store only in original packaging in a cool, dry place.

Storage temperature: 5-20 °C.


Vermicompost EcoHumusStrong

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